RealFlow 學習筆記 006 English Version – How to Handle Alembic Sequences Files From RealFlow to MAYA

基本上它是前面 Alembic 筆記的英文簡要版XD


If you export alembic sequences in RealFlow, you may notice that files are frame by frame. How to handle it ? How to import them into MAYA ?

About Alembic format, you can check  Official Website.

If you know something of Alembic format, you may know it is usually only one file inclusives of all information.  So … why we get many Alembic files from RealFlow ???

Alembic format in RealFlow

First of all, why RealFlow didn’t export one Alembic file?

We can find the explain in document of RealFlow 2013:  EC – Alembic I/O

The said:

it is (currently) not possible to open an ABC file, add more data, and close it again.

So that is why you see many Alembic files which are output frame by frame.

How to use those files?

RealFlow 2013 Offer a tool called “The Stitcher Tool.” It can combine many alembic files to one alembic files. And you can use it in command line, eg.

./stitcher –in assets/*.abc –out

Please check the document web page:   EC – Alembic I/O

GUI interface

Now the latest version of RealFlow 2013 ( offer a GUI interface. You have no neccessay to handle many files by command line. Please check the page : Stitcher

It is a nice tool which help us to use Alembics files.

My Steps From RealFlow to MAYA

1. Notice! If you had older RealFlow 2013, you had better remove it before installing  RealFlow 2013

2. After installing, you can find the button of Stitcher.


3. Run it. Setup your input files ans output file.


4. RealFlow will say “Done” if the job success.

5. Go to MAYA.

Turn ON the function of AbcImport/AbcExport in plugin-in manager.

I suggest you: Restart MAYA after Turn ON AbcImport/AbcExport .


6. Now you can run  [Rendering]  -> Pipeline Cache->Alembic Cache

Try to Import an Alembic file.


7. Success


8. My Report

I use GUI interface of Stitcher tool to combine 1200  Alembic files. Success !

And the volume of final alembic file is smaller!! Very Good!!!

Finally, Good Lucky  ~  Everyone   ^^b

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